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girls school uniforms
jumpers / dresses
blazers - girls & ladies school uniforms
girls uniform pants / shorts
skirts & kilts - girls school uniform
girls & ladies shoes
boys school uniforms
pants & shorts
blazers suit jacket- boys men school uniforms
belts, ties, socks, etc. accessories
kindergarten pre-school nap mats
daydreamer pre-school nap mats
vinyl pre-school smocks
12' play parachute w handles
6-ft pre school gym parachute with handles
kindergarten cots - pre- school nap cots
matbus nap mat storage bus
graduation caps, gowns, accessories, honor stoles & more ...
graduation caps & gowns
autograph book memory books
elementary high school college caps & gowns
graduation accessories
kindergarten graduation
padded diploma covers
girl scouts & boy scouts uniforms & equipment
girl scout uniforms - daisy, brownies, juniors, & more
official boy scouts of america uniforms
white parade gloves
gym uniforms & team uniforms
basics - t-shirts, sweats, shorts
nylon gym uniforms, mesh, dazzle, tops, bottoms, warm-up suits
plaid flannel pants & boxer shorts
uniform shoes
military boots
genuine g.i. navy oxfords military shoes
boys shoes
girls & ladies shoes
dance, ballet, tap, jazz shoes

team jackets
parkas full length coats
rainwear foul weather gear - ponchos, rain suits
ultra force black ma-1 vest
bdu shirt camouflage
ma-1 jacket
reversible rain parkas
reversible black/orange 3/4 length rain parka
pvc rain jackets
rubber rain suits

reversible pvc ponchos
reversible rubberized nylon ponchos
vinyl ponchos
ike jacket eisenhower
wool coats pea coats

Mailing Address:
3439 East Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY, 10465


7-DAYS 9-6 EST
1-800-372-6523 International Orders Call 800-372-6523 or
718-823-9475 FAX 718-823-9812

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    Frank Bee Enterprises Inc.

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Frank Bee Enterprises Inc.
3439 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY, 10465
We are open 7-days a week


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We are most proud to be of service to the Archdiocese of New York.

This is a picture of his eminence Cardinal John O'Conner with Frank Bee Uniform President Craig Baker. (January 2000)

Some of the clients we proudly serve include,

The Archdiocese of New York

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The United States Secret Service

Boy Scouts Of America

Girl Scouts Of America


The Royal Tennenbaums" Movie Wardrobe"

The Palace Thief "Movie Wardrobe" 2001

Harry Potter "Movie Wardrobe" 2001

SONY Corporation

GQ Magazine

Sesame Street Productions

Madeline (the movie)

Wardrobe for Sean Connery  



Beacon Pictures

Walker Digital

Seventeen Magazine

Touchstone Pictures

TCI Cable

Westside Youth Choir

The Harlem Boys Choir

The David Letterman Show

The Emperor's Club, Kevin Kline              

Molly Gunn

Super Bowl XXXIV Halftime show

We produce custom wardrobe and specialty items for movies, events and organizations. Please contact us with any special requests.

Our 40 foot mobile units are available to service on site! We can wardrobe schools, corporations and Theatrical & Movie productions on site. Call for information. 800-Frankbee / 800-372-6523

Frank Bee Enterprises Inc. Since 1957! has a very diverse product line. School uniforms, work uniforms, Band uniforms, military apparel, scout uniforms, clothes graduation caps and gowns, and Choir robes. We custom manufacture many items and are well known in the theatrical wardrobe industry. We have worked on projects such as "Harry Potter" the movie, "Finding Forestor" Sean Connery, "Diva's Live" with Aretha Franklin, and many others. Supplying The United States Secret Service and other prestigious government agencies has been also a specialty, The owner Craig Baker has a background in commercial photography, combining details and the creativity of an artist really helps to make our company special. We are however most popular from our core business of supplying to many of the parochial schools uniforms in the Archdiocese of New York and nationally, and globally, we have expanded greatly with thanks to the Internet and now service schools in Europe, and most recently Nigeria. We are known for our quality workmanship and professional service in business here in New York since 1956. One very unique service we provide while on location is that we have 40 foot long production vehicles which have the ability to embroider garment, screen print, along with the ability to outfit as many as 500 people. Whether it be a major motion picture, an airport crew in the middle of the night, or a school full of students, we are equipped.

Happy Customers!, It's our pleasure...

To: Subject: thank you

I just want to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I e'mailed an order to you Wednesday afternoon (10/9), I received it Friday 10/11 and had to call your customer service to exchange for a different color shirt. In turn I mailed it back to you on Friday. I received my new order TODAY (10/15). This was a wonderful experience......Thank you ....Thank you ......Thank you.....You made life for me (a mother of six) and one cub scout very happy!

Sincerely, Donna M

     Frank Bee Enterprises Inc.

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3439 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465
Phone : (800) 372-6523 or (718) 823-9475 : Fax: (718) 823-9812
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