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belts, ties, socks, etc. accessories
kindergarten pre-school nap mats
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vinyl pre-school smocks
12' play parachute w handles
6-ft pre school gym parachute with handles
kindergarten cots - pre- school nap cots
matbus nap mat storage bus
graduation caps, gowns, accessories, honor stoles & more ...
graduation caps & gowns
autograph book memory books
elementary high school college caps & gowns
graduation accessories
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girl scouts & boy scouts uniforms & equipment
girl scout uniforms - daisy, brownies, juniors, & more
official boy scouts of america uniforms
white parade gloves
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basics - t-shirts, sweats, shorts
nylon gym uniforms, mesh, dazzle, tops, bottoms, warm-up suits
plaid flannel pants & boxer shorts
uniform shoes
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boys shoes
girls & ladies shoes
dance, ballet, tap, jazz shoes

team jackets
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rainwear foul weather gear - ponchos, rain suits
ultra force black ma-1 vest
bdu shirt camouflage
ma-1 jacket
reversible rain parkas
reversible black/orange 3/4 length rain parka
pvc rain jackets
rubber rain suits

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reversible rubberized nylon ponchos
vinyl ponchos
ike jacket eisenhower
wool coats pea coats

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Magellan GPS Global Positioning System 315 Receiver - click to enlarge

Magellan GPS Global Positioning System 315 Receiver

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Magellan GPS Global Positioning System 315 Receiver


Affordable and easy to use, the GPS 315 is a wonderful outdoor guide. The pocket-sized unit will navigate you to over 15,000 worldwide cities or bring you back to up to 500 user-entered locations. To enhance your outdoor activity even more, upload detailed land and nautical Points of Interest (POI) information using the optional DataSend??? CD. Nine easy-to-follow graphic navigation screens show bearing, heading, distance, speed and more on a high-resolution, EL backlit display. The GPS 315 boasts a 12 parallel-channel receiver for superior tracking performance under the toughest conditions, an internal 10-year lithium battery backup, PC upload/download capability, and more. The Magellan Advantage Built-in database displays worldwide cities and user entered landmarks on a crisp high-contrast high-resolution display (104 x 160 pixels) Upload/Download capability for additional points of interest and for use with PC mapping software. Powerful 12 parallel-channel receiver and super sensitive quadrifilar antenna for superior tracking in any environment 10 year lithium back-up battery 1200-point SmartTrack records your path Features EL Backlit display with 2 levels of brightness Up to 15 hours of battery life on (2) AA alkaline batteries Rugged and weatherproof with a rubber grip Stores up to 500 waypoints/landmarks, 20 routes with 30 legs Auto averaging ?? automatically averages your position while standing BackTrack with save as route option Northfinder?? displays sun and moon positions, allowing you to quickly determine your desired direction while standing still Re-settable trip odometer Best fish and game time calculator 9 graphic navigation screens Displays sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset and lunar phase data EZstart initialization and built-in simulator for training and education 11 coordinate systems and 1 user defined grid 72 map datums plus 1 user defined NMEA data output and DGPS ready Hand-held, lightweight, only 7 oz., 6.0 (h) x 2.0 (w) x 1.3 (d) This pocket-sized unit will navigate you to over 15,000 worldwide cities or bring you back to up to 500 user-entered locations

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