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Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

NAVY-BLUE-GRADUATION-CAP-AND-GOWN$35.00, 12/$384.00, 24/$672.00, 48/$1,152.00, 72/$1,584.04

Cap & Gown Color: 
Plus Sizes: 
1 or 2 color Tassel: 
1st Tassel-Color: 
2nd Tassel-Color: 
Cap Size inches: 
Date of Ceremony MM/DD/YYYY ($7.00):


VIP CAP & GOWN PACKAGE: OUR MOST POPULAR! Our premium VIP Souvenir Caps & Gowns are made of a very fine 100% polyester fabric. This premium fabric, along with a generous cut, make our VIP gown the finest souvenir gown in the industry. Colors: White Gold "Royal Blue" "Navy-Blue" "Light Blue" Red "Hunter Green" "Kelly Green" Gray-Silver Purple Black Maroon: Note Orange, Old Gold, Brown are available require 2-3 weeks additional.

We at Frank Bee Cap & Gown congratulates you on your significant achievement. We hope to help you look your best on this festive occasion.

  • The best selling Caps and Gowns in the USA!
  • Now available in Lustrous Satin or Matte "Non Shiny" Finish.
  • 13 vibrant colors
  • Perfect for photographs
  • Gowns are treated with "Happy Guard" finish repels water, resists wrinkles
  • Plus Size Gowns available
  • Our Cap, gown & Tassel Package includes: a cap gown and tassel with the year-date
  • Rush order please call 888-4-GRADUATE
  • Volume discount pricing 24 or more call 888-4-GRADUATE

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